plastic detox week 1


This week has been a steep learning curve and I have failed in terms of plastic wrapped salad and meat at the supermarket, although have found a milkman via Milk and more - so no more plastic bottled milk and fruit juices.  My expiriment with oat milk was ok, but not great in tea, the search goes on for an eco non dairy/plastic free milk for me. The plastic waste that came home with me, will be posted to Waitrose Customer Services with a letter asking for a plastic free isle (except the contaminated meat packaging that is). I've now signed up to a veg box with Odd Box.  I really like their philosophy, fresh vegetables and fruit delivered to the door and no plastic.

odd box

I also needed shampoo and conditioner, I headed to Lush and bought solid shampoo and conditioner bars.


The solid shampoo was great, easy to use, lather and rinse.  The conditioner was another story, not easy to apply, smelt great but very hit and miss.  My hair is dry, highlighted and needs conditioner, this just didn't work for me.  One thing I did learn in Lush, was they have dental care, all packaged in plastic sadly - although if you take a pot in with you they can decant the toothy tabs and return the plastic bottles to the factory. IMG_2106

Finally, I visited Hetu in Battersea today.  Wonderful concept and very busy, so busy they had sold out of so much!  I will be heading back next week for laundry liquid, fabric conditioned & washing up liquid re-fills.  They also have multi surface cleaner, shampoo and conditioned refills, many dry goods including baking powder, bicarb, pulses etc.  Take your own bottles, pots and bags or use their paper bags or purchase cloth bags in store.  I came home with freshly ground hazelnut butter (utterly delcious) amongst other items - so worth a visit.  You can see from my photo the empty containers - do hope the early success continues.

Big learning curve this week and hope that with the veg box and milk delivery things will be easier.  Here is a link to the zero waster website and gives lots of links to places all over Great Britan where you can zero waste shops.