Flindra | my first knitted shawl


I've been listening to the Truly Murtle podcast for quite a while, I love knitting although I don't do very much.  It's the calming repetitive movement, slowly the needles produce interesting tactile fabric and my blood pressure drops with the rhythm of the needles.


While listening to one episode while sewing at work, I heard about a KAL [knit a long] and thought I join in, bought and down loaded the Flindra pattern on ravelry and headed up to Loop in Camden Passage.  Its a lovely shop and the staff are brilliant, a veritable cornucopia of delicious tactile yarns.  I chose a Danish organic yarn called Semilla by BC Garn, its soft, comes in an array of colours and wasn't too expensive.


It's knitted width ways, so starting off small and growning and has an interesting chevron though the design.  I really enjoyed the pattern, only once over thinking the pattern and Libby was able to explain what I had miss understood.


The different textures are easy to knit, although I am a slowish knitter and did start again once - just wanted it to be right.  The coloured texture was simple and made knitting in 2 yarns seem so easy, it's also a lovely pop of colour and defines the chevron pattern.


I didn't block it in a traditional way, I used towels and layed it on top and used my steam iron gently.  Will have to find a space and maybe get a blocking board if I make another shawl again.  Since finishing, my mother bought me the Tuesday pattern and yarn for my birthday, its by Erica Knight who we met at the Knitting & Stitching show in Ally Pally.  I loved the Tuesday and am now slowly knitting it - again do sometimes over think the pattern but its a wonderful soft chunky yarn and now trying to just do what the pattern says!